Anna has acted as an on-screen behavioural and scientific expert and as an off-screen consultant on a number of BBC and Channel 4 programmes.


Meet the Humans: BBC Earth

Airing: 2017/2018

A pioneering series of programmes analysing the science behind our behaviour. Fixed rig cameras will capture real time footage of behaviour in a range of social situations over a weekend in a country house including a school reunion, a team building weekend, a fright experience and a singles weekend. Presented by Dr Michael Moseley with expert onscreen analysis from a range of specialists. Anna worked on School Reunion, Team Building and Fear.


Married at First Sight (CPL Productions/Channel 4)

Aired:  Season 1: July 2015, Season 2: October 2016

Would you marry someone selected for you by a panel of relationships experts and agree to marry them despite not meeting them until your wedding day? Based on a pioneering Danish format this social experiment followed couples as they volunteered to have their psychological and biological data collected, through the matching process, to the wedding day and on into married life. It asked the question to what extent can we predict who will fall in love and how much is fate?

Anna was the chief scientist and led the collection of psychological, genetic and biological data from contributors, carried out analysis to inform the matching process and carried out onscreen interviews and to camera pieces to unpack the contributors’ experiences.

'Anna’s work gets to the very heart of what it is to be human'

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