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Dad dressed with superman cape cuddling daughter

Dads: The Untapped Mental Health Taskforce

A tsunami of poor mental health We live in unusual times. Even before the arrival of Covid-19 a ...
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Love written on distressed wood

To Love is to Survive

The basics of survival At this moment in time we are all overwhelmingly focused on survival; physical, financial, ...
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dad and young daughter thumbs up

Dads and Daughters

It is a well-worn mantra that boys need male role models, in particular they need a father figure ...
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mum and dad's legs and kid

The Power of Attachment

The First Love The attachment between you and your parents as a child is arguably the most significant ...
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Studying love

In Awe of Love

The other night an audience member at one of my talks asked me a question I’ve never been ...
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hare and tortoise web

The Essential Human

What is it to be human? What separates us from our fellow apes and merits the existence of ...
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International Fathers Mental Health Day – 18th June 2018

My career as a fatherhood researcher began in a very personal way as a consequence of my husband’s ...
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Robot holding heart

The Future of Love

Why research love? I am passionate about my work exploring the science behind human social relationships. I have ...
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Old couple kissing

The New Age of Dating

The revolution in dating is not dating apps but our hugely extended lifespan and the possibility of a ...
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Man cuddling baby on bed

The Forgotten Parent

“There is another parent in the room. It’s time we acknowledged them too.” The decisions and issues surrounding ...
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Keyboard showing love heart

Love in the Time of Tinder

Happy Birthday Tinder! Five years old this September and still, apparently, going strong. It is very true to ...
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Man looking depressed

The 10%

80% of men will become fathers and for the vast majority, while the journey will have its difficulties ...
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Slices of red onion

The Human Onion

Humans are a bit like onions. Not in the “are a bit smelly and make you cry” sense ...
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