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Control: The Dark Side of Love

Pint of Science, 2020

CNBC: Apps Have Changed the Way We Date

February 2020

Exploring the biology of being a father

New Scientist Live, 2019

Becoming Dad: The Science of Fatherhood Science and Cocktails, Amsterdam

1st July 2019

Channel Mum: Meet the Expert?

September 2018

What’s so special about dads and what made you want to study them?

June 2018

What’s the most surprising thing you discovered during your study of dads?

June 2018

How does a child’s relationship with the mother and father differ?

June 2018

How do you think a changing attitude towards dads can impact gender equality??

June 2018

Ted X Clapham, London

June 2018

Dr. Anna Machin is an Oxford University-based evolutionary anthropologist, author, and broadcaster who has spent ten years researching the psychology, biology, ​and behaviour of new fathers. Here she explains why this new-found knowledge means that we need to change how we talk about dads, moving away from lazy stereotypes, to acknowledge their unique and special role in their children's lives and the power they hold to bring about real positive changes to inequality in our society.

The Science of Love


Anna explains the science behind falling in love and staying there and how both our genetics and psychology influence our individual experiences of love.

'Anna's work gets to the very heart of what it is to be human'

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