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ANNA’S PUBLIC TALKS: With the current COVID-19 crisis Anna has stopped all her public talks with audiences until further notice. Hopefully she will be back soon!

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As featured in:

As featured in:

Dr Anna Machin's work is about the very nature of being human. She is world renowned for her pioneering work exploring the science and anthropology of fatherhood and her cross-disciplinary interpretation of human parental and romantic love. Read more...

As an evolutionary anthropologist and science communicator Anna is passionate about bringing the science behind human stories to a wider audience. Her anthropological focus means that hard science is mixed with other disciplines to give a truly rounded answer to some of life’s big questions. Anna’s broadcast work has led her to be one of the few visible female scientists in the media today. Read more...

“It’s a little known fact but fathers saved the human race...” Human fathers are unusual. We are the only ape who has fathers that invest in the care of their offspring and one of only 5% of mammals that do so. An evolutionary rarity. So, the question arises... Read more...

Public Engagement

Brilliant talk! Dr Machin is incredibly talented, very calm and clear speaker. It's so good to see a woman give a science talk in such a male dominated world. She really inspired me. I'd see any talk now by Dr Machin no matter what the topic. I brought a friend also with an interest in neuroscience and she loved it so much! Thank you.

Public Engagement

Thought the presentation was really interesting and well given by a person who clearly knew her subject. It is quite a gift to be able to take such a complex subject and make it accessible to an audience who may not all be academic. Thank you for a thought provoking talk that got my friend and I debating all the way home!

Public Engagement

I cannot possibly rate this experience high enough. Not only was the location amazing but Anna Machin delivered a well put together talk which left my brain buzzing with new understanding. I felt like I left with a clear picture of how love works and how my brain uses chemicals. The Q and A was unparalled. Best thing I've heard since leaving uni and showed me an exciting new time where those of us who love to learn can have rock stars of our own! Yeah Anna!

'Anna's work gets to the very heart of what it is to be human'

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Anna is based in Buckinghamshire, England

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