evolutionary anthropologist, writer and broadcaster


Dr Anna Machin's work is about the very nature of being human. She is world renowned for her pioneering work exploring the science and anthropology of fatherhood and her cross-disciplinary interpretation of human parental and romantic love. Read more...

Anna’s broadcast work has led her to be one of the few visible female scientists in the media today. She has worked as lead scientist on two seasons of Married at First Sight (Channel 4/CPL) where she used her work in genetics, psychology and evolutionary theory to match couples alongside a panel of 3 other relationship experts. Read more...

“It’s a little known fact but fathers saved the human race...” Human fathers are unusual. We are the only ape who has fathers that invest in the care of their offspring and one of only 5% of mammals that do so. An evolutionary rarity. So, the question arises... Read more...

'Anna's work gets to the very heart of what it is to be human'

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