The Life of Dad - The Making of the Modern Father (Simon & Schuster)

“It’s a little known fact but fathers saved the human race...”

Human fathers are unusual. We are the only ape who has fathers that invest in the care of their offspring and one of only 5% of mammals that do so. An evolutionary rarity. So, the question arises:

What are dads for?

What do they contribute to their families?

What’s it like to be a dad?

And how do they build such profound and enduring relationships with their children?

In this ground-breaking new popular science book (available 14th June 2018) evolutionary anthropologist Dr Anna Machin explores the science and anthropology of modern fatherhood. From its evolutionary origin half a million years ago right up to the present day with cutting edge research that explores the neuroscience, genetics, biology and psychology of being a father. She explores the experience of becoming a father from the man’s perspective, details the myriad ways that fathers fulfil their role around the world, explains how a man’s upbringing and genetics can impact his fathering behaviour, argues that fatherhood is a truly biological phenomenon and reveals the unique role that dads play in their children’s development.

This is a book for everyone. For those who are about to embark on the journey of fatherhood to those who are long established, for those who want to reflect on the relationship they had with their own dad, for budding anthropologists and sociologists who want to contemplate the reality of this key role and to science buffs who want to learn about scientific techniques and results which are at the very edge of what is possible. Fathers are an essential part of our world. This book tells you why.

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Anna is in the throes of developing her next book which will use her multidisciplinary knowledge of human behaviour to explore love in all its forms; parental, platonic, romantic and even parasocial*. 

*that’s love for gods and celebrities

'Anna's work gets to the very heart of what it is to be human'

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