The Breakup Monologues, The IF Oxford Festival

1st November 2019

Dads Saved the Human Race

The At Home Dad Show

4th September 2019

The Science and Evolution of Fatherhood

Common Sense Pregnancy, Parenting and Politics Podcast

17th August 2019

How men change when they become dads and why it is important

The Feed Play Love Podcast

17th July 2019

Are modern fathers taken for granted?

The Spectator Podcast

14th June 2019

Dads, Love and AI

Pint of Science, UK

25th March 2019

What makes a Dad a Dad

Anna talks to Goop CCO Elise Loehen, The Goop Podcast, USA

12th March 2019

Elsker, Elsker Ikke (5 episodes)

Weekendavisen, Denmark

30th November 2018

It’s Woman’s Lab on Dating

The science behind dating, BBC Radio 4, UK

31st July 2018

First Time Dads

Anna joins the Daily Mirror’s two first-time dads for a lively and entertaining discussion about the science behind being a dad. UK

12th June 2018

Health Hackers

Why we fall in love and how fatherhood changes a man's brain. UK

May 2018

The Science of Romance

Social Science Bites, UK

1st November 2016

New fathers

Oxford Sparks, UK

26th April 2016

'Anna's work gets to the very heart of what it is to be human'

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