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Anna is regularly contacted by journalists to share her expert opinion and knowledge of human behaviour, evolution, parenting, families and love.

Sonntagszeitung, Switzerland

The biggest mistake is that dads are not confident enough

1st August 2021

Respekt, Czech Republic

When friends become family

27th June 2021

Kristeligt Dagblad, Denmark

The Science of Love

13th February 2021

The Guardian, UK

Shared parental leave: scrap ‘deeply flawed’ policy, say campaigners

26th April 2021

Tiny Happy People, BBC Parenting, UK

The changing ways dads have bonded with kids

May 2021

SZ-Magasin, Germany

Man verliebt sich mit 60 Jahren genauso wie mit 20

22nd July 2020

Goop, UK

The Future of Dads

May 2020

BBC Parenting, UK

The Science of Fatherhood: How your body and brain change when you become a dad   

May 2020

The Telegraph, UK

Childhood in the time of Corona

20th April 2020

The Face, UK

How video dating is developing its own etiquette

9th April 2020


The new rules for finding love in a pandemic.

26th March 2020

Le Cercle Psy, France

N’oublions pas les peres!

January 2020

First Five Years, Australia

What it means to be a modern father

October 2019

De Pedagoog, Netherlands

The Evolution of Fatherhood

October 2019

Newsweek, UK

People tend to fall for new partners who are just like their exes, study suggests

11th June 2019

Calgary Herald, Canada

Celebrating the cool dad

6th April 2019

Nexo, Brazil

What is it to be a father these days?

22nd March 2019

SZ Magasin, Germany

I was shocked how little we knew about dads

15th March 2019

Reader's Digest, UK

The Sweet Life: Inside the world of sugar dating

17th September 2018

Daily Telegraph, UK

How can new parents handle the digital age:
Expert Q and A

25th September 2018

Daily Telegraph, UK

How to Future Proof your Kids

30th July 2018

BBC Three, UK

No label dating: can you have love without commitment?

18th July 2018

Eltern, Germany

The Life of Dad

11th July 2018

Mirror Online, UK

The secret irreversible change a new father's body undergoes to make him a better parent

19th June 2018

Sunday Telegraph, UK

Welcome to the age of the dad

17th June 2018

Women's Health Magazine, UK

Have we killed cupid?

May 2018

New Scientist, UK

Dad Power: The surprising new science of fatherhood

24th March 2018

Diva, UK

Just Good Friends

February 2018

New Scientist, UK

Love at first sight is really just lust or even false memory

27th December 2017

The Guardian, UK

Hookups, sexting and unwanted threesomes: first-time dating in the age of Tinder

14th November 2017

Broadly Vice, UK

Angry and Overwhelmed: The Men who Experience Postnatal Depression

9th May 2017

Marie Claire, UK

Why do you really swipe right? 7 things you didn't know about digital dating

27th April 2016

Daily Telegraph, UK

Meet the men who got PTSD from watching their partner give birth

24th February 2016

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